Writing your Statement of Purpose 

Out of the many documents you have to submit for abroad applications, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) has the power to differentiate you from others. In this 3-week training program, we will equip you with the skills you need to write the SOP yourself and secure admission to your dream university.

Learning Outcomes

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Understand the criteria used by universities to shortlist candidates

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Write the statement of purpose with examples from top universities

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Learn how to conduct research before writing the SOP

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Build your confidence in writing through home-work exercises

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Receive guidance to brainstorm content to stand out from others

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Learn how to write personal statements along with SOPs


Program Schedule


27th March - 10th April, 2021

Weekend sessions only, 5pm - 6:30pm

27th Mar


28th Mar


3rd Apr


4th Apr


10th Apr


Plans & Pricing

  • 5 live and interactive sessions 
  • Complete course material 
  • Access to session recordings 
  • Studying abroad support group

 INR 1199 



  • 2 personal feedback sessions   
  • 1 year validity to avail feedback

Everything in Standard +

 INR 1999 


Have any doubts?

I can just get my SOP written from someone. Why should I attend this workshop?

When you get your SOP written from someone, the output is very impersonal. It does not display your feelings, emotions or personality. Such an SOP can apply to anyone, and it is not unique to you. When you write an SOP yourself, you are able to display your true personality on paper, and that helps you differentiate yourself from others. Attending this workshop will guide you to write your SOP on your own.

I have missed a LIVE session. Can I get the recording?

Yes, if you miss a LIVE session, you can get upto 3/5 recordings of the workshop. However, we will strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions as they are more effective.

Will you also give feedback on my SOP?

Yes, for the premium plan, you are eligible to receive 2 rounds of feedback on your SOP. For the Standard Plan, you will be receiving the training only.

I want to attend the workshop now, but I will write my SOP 6 months later. Can I get feedback then?

Yes, for the premium plan, you can send us your SOP anytime within 1 year, and we will provide the fedback to you.

If I buy the Standard Plan now, can I upgrade it to Premium Plan later and get feedback?

Yes, if you buy the Standard plan now, you can upgrade it to Premium later and receive 2 rounds of feedback on your SOP. The charges for upgrade later will be INR 999.

Who will be taking the training sessions?

All the training sessions will be taken by our Founder, Neha Agrawal. She is an alumnus of NTU Singapore and had admits from GeorgiaTech, Cornell, Northwestern and SUNY Stonybrook when applying for Masters abroad.

Student Feedback

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