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How to make your resume STAND OUT

Updated: May 4, 2021

We often think that we are so different from others, so unique in our own special ways. However, when we create our resumes we often borrow fixed templates from our friends, family or the internet. We then look at the content in the resume that we borrowed and tailor our achievements using similar sentences. Are you too guilty of following the above process?

Now, imagine yourself as the HR of a company and what your impression of the candidate will be if you see yet another such resume come into our inbox.

No wonder then that most of us never hear back after submitting our resumes. I think we should stop hoping for a miracle to happen and instead pull up our sleeves and make that resume that impresses recruiters.

Here are 5 Tips that can get you started towards making a great resume -

1. Showcase your UNIQUE qualities in the best possible way:

Many times candidates load their resumes with information that might not be relevant for the job they are applying for. It’s important to highlight qualities that are relevant and more importantly, make you unique than the rest of the applicants.

For example – If you have great extra-curricular activities the resume should bring out how you not just complete a task but excel in it. Or, if you have great leadership qualities then explain the experiences in which you have shown your leadership skills.

2. Use STATISTICS while writing your resume:

Most candidates end up qualitatively describing their experiences which makes it difficult for the recruiter to judge the scale of the experience. Using statistics while writing your resume helps avoid this pitfall and establishes credibility while showcasing your contribution.

For example –

Sub-par statement - Worked with the digital marketing team to increase online sales.

More impactful statement - Worked with the digital marketing team to optimize the social media strategy resulting in 15% increase in online sales of smart-watches in a span of 3 months.


Starting statements with a resume action word makes the resume more professional. There are many resume action words for each skill.

For example - Instead of repeatedly writing “Worked” you can write “Collaborated/Led/Managed”.

4. Always stick to 1-PAGER RESUME:

This is the simplest yet the most important tip. Most recruiters appreciate being provided the information of the candidate in a succinct manner. It helps them go through your resume at a glance and also retain the meaningful information. They appreciate the candidate being able to prioritize well through a 1 page resume.

5. Turn the tables:

Before submitting your resume assume yourself to be the recruiter and ask yourself these questions after reading your resume:

i. Does the candidate have the skills needed for the job?

ii. Does the candidate have experiences that enhanced his/her soft skills experiences?

iii. Does the candidate have your unique skills/experiences?

If you have checked these questions then TADAA! Go ahead and apply to that job.

Always remember your resume’s purpose is not to get you a job, it is to GET YOU AN INTERVIEW. So, if you have included all the relevant information that makes them want to know you better, your resume has done its job and you will get that interview call. All the tips above are sure to make your resume STANDOUT.

If you want to get personalized feedback on your resume you can register for the resume building workshop by visiting this LINK.

And now, here is video about how to make your resume STAND OUT from others.

For any questions about the workshop, feel free to get in touch with us on or +91 8695620610. Here's wishing you all the very best for your career ahead!

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