How to decide between Masters in India or Abroad

In this article, I am going to share with you different viewpoints that you need to consider before making your decision between a Masters in India or Abroad. You might be in your second year or third year of college and wondering what would be a better option - to complete your studies in India or go abroad like a lot of your peers are. There are so many doubts that come to mind when you start thinking about this topic. And when you speak to people, either your peers, alumni, or cousins, you will always receive some biased opinion that might confuse you even further. I faced the same thing 5 years ago when I was at this juncture.

So in this video, I have shared an unbiased opinion about what lies in front of you if you choose to go for a Masters in India or a Masters Abroad and after that you can make your own decision.

For any questions, you can get in touch with on Instagram at @wiseup_communications. Wish you all the very best for your career ahead :)

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