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5 Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Most of the time when you go for an interview, towards the end, the interviewer will ask: So do you have any questions for us?

And these are two most common replies I have heard: "No, thank you very much" and you run out of the interview room so happy that the interview is finally over.

OR you ask ‘Yes, I do have a question. How much salary am I going to get? Because let’s face it, this is why you are at the interview!

Jokes apart, these responses will end your interview on a not-so-positive note and might also affect your chances of getting hired.

In the video below, you will first understand why it is important to ask questions in an interview. You will then receive 5 good questions that you can ask in any interview you go for, and lastly you will also receive a tip to end your interview on a high note and improve your chances of getting hired.

Hope these questions will be useful to you for your next interview. To know more questions that you can ask, join us on Instagram at @wiseup_communications.

Wish you all the best for your career ahead! :)

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