Accomplishing Effective Communication

Good communication skills is extremely important be it in a group, an interview, or even at your workplace. At the end of this workshop, you will have a better vocabulary, command over written English communication and the confidence to speak on different occasions. 

Learning Outcomes

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Initiating conversations with new people in public gatherings

Improving English writing skills through professional emails 

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Building English vocabulary through fun exercises & home assignments 

Building confidence in public speaking through presentations 

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Learning to communicate effectively through body language

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Participating in group discussions and interviews for career preparation

Program Schedule


May 5th - June 2nd, 2021

Every Wednesday, 7pm - 8pm

5th May

12th May

19th May

26th May

2nd Jun

Course Details

Week 1

- Learn to initiate conversations - Build English vocabulary - Work on body language - Learn to write LinkedIn Summary

Week 2

- Practice public speaking - Improve English grammar - Work on body language - Learn Group Discussion skills

Week 3

- Participate in mock Group Discussion - Learn to write professional emails

Week 4

- Practicing presentation delivery - Building self-confidence

Week 5

- Communicating in interviews

Plans & Pricing


  • 5 live and interactive sessions 
  • Complete course material  
  • Feedback on LinkedIn Summary
  • In-class performance review 

 INR 599 


  • 1-1 feedback on presentation delivery
  • 1-1 mock interview session

Everything in Standard +

 INR 999 

Have any doubts?

I can learn these things on YouTube for free. Why should I attend this workshop?

This workshop is different because: - It is LIVE and interactive Attending a LIVE course where you can interact with the mentor and clear your doubts is more effective than watching pre-recorded videos - Content credibility Our workshops have been curated to ensure the content you receive is genuine and credible. A lot of content on the internet is generic and not personalized to your needs - It has practice sessions Through this workshop, you will get to apply what you have learnt through in-class exercises along with feedback on your performance

I have missed a LIVE session. Can I get the recording?

Yes, if you miss a LIVE session, you can get the recording (upto 5 missed sessions). However, we will strongly encourage you to attend the live sessions as they are more effective.

Will you also give feedback on my resume?

Yes, for the Premium plan, you will receive 1-1 feedback on your resume once you have updated it based on the learnings from the workshop.

Are there mock GD sessions?

Yes, mock GD session is part of the workshop and you will receive feedback on your performance.

If I buy the Standard Plan now, can I upgrade it to Premium Plan later and attend mock interview and resume feedback sessions?

Yes, if you buy the Standard plan now, you can upgrade it to Premium plan later. The charges for upgrade later will be INR 699.

Will you also take a mock interview and give feedback?

Yes, for the Premium plan, you will have a 1-1 mock interview session and also receive feedback on your performance for further improvement.

What our students say



The resume workshop provided
guidance to build a crisp and
appealing resume. The interview
training helped me immensely in
understanding how to deal with
behavioural questions. Overall it
was a great learning experience.

Attending the workshop de􀃶finitely
changed my approach towards the
placement process. It included a lot
of examples and activities which
were very engaging. This is a great
start for anybody who isn't sure of
how to go about these placement

The workshop really helped me
boost my confidence in answering
many commonly asked questions.
A lot of misconceptions have been
removed regarding resumes and
the interview training de􀃶finitely
helped given this is how upcoming
interviews will be conducted.





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